casey Casey Dugan, cadugan(at)
IBM Research, Cambridge

Casey Dugan works at IBM Research in Cambridge, where she builds and studies large-scale social software deployments. She has incorporated awareness mechanisms into many of these, including: a site-wide user-activity widget on an internal social network, a visualization dashboard to make users more aware of how they spend their time, and a #selfiestation to increase awareness of others inhabiting the same physical space. Her latest work aims to make users more aware of email threads requiring their intervention, such as those where they were asked to take action/respond.  She has published at conferences such as CHI, CSCW, Interact, and IUI, and has organized workshops at CSCW and RecSys. Casey is the primary contact for the workshop and plans to attend in person.


Peter Brusilovsky
School of Information Sciences, University of Pittsburgh

Peter Brusilovsky is a Professor in the School of Information Sciences at the University of Pittsburgh. His research focuses on adaptive and personalized interfaces, especially for education, and user modeling. His recent research has supported user awareness in educational interfaces that show knowledge awareness and class awareness, as well as through mechanisms such as interactive visualizations of recommendations for other users’ content. He has published at conferences such as IUI, UMAP, EDM, and RecSys, and organized numerous workshops at RecSys, CIKM, and other conferences. Peter plans to attend the workshop in person.



Elizabeth Daly
IBM Research, Dublin

Elizabeth Daly is a research manager of the Cognitive Analytics group at IBM Research in Dublin. She enjoys understanding the user aspect in computing systems. In particular, she has applied recommender systems in areas such as social collaboration networks, seller team networks, and smarter cities. She has published at conferences such as RecSys, WWW, IUI, ICWSM, and CHI, and has organized workshops at ICWSM and SocInfo. Elizabeth will help coordinate organization of the workshop, but can only tentatively commit to attending in person.


The Program Committee:

The program committee will help review submitted position papers, evaluating them on criteria such as: their quality, relevance to the workshop, their contribution to a diverse set of interdisciplinary perspectives, and the authors’ prior work in the awareness research area.

Those on the program committee will include:

  • Jill Freyne, CSIRO
  • Werner Geyer, IBM Research
  • Di Lu, University of Pittsburgh
  • Tak Yeon Lee, University of Maryland