Workshop Agenda

We will be holding a “hands-on” style, full-day workshop, designed to bring together a diverse set of researchers representing both industry and academia. The goals of the workshop are for participants to share their prior work that falls under the common “awareness” theme, debate open research questions in the space, and brainstorm about possible future papers or other collaborations.

All position paper presentations are 10 minutes long, with 5 minutes for Q&A.



Full-Day Workshop Agenda (6 hrs)
9am-9:10 Introduction from Peter and Casey
9:10-9:30 Introductions from Participants
9:30-10:15 Presentations Group#1:  45 mins
15 mins “Enhancing Social Inclusion between Drivers by Digital Augmentation”
15 mins “Enabling Awareness in Playful Environments for Animals using Body Tracking”
15 mins “The What, When and How of Awareness for Effective Learning in Surgical Simulation”
 10:15-10:45  BREAK
 10:45-12:00  Presentations Group#2: 1:15mins
 15 mins “Interface Design for Interactive Sound Event Detection”
 15 mins “When Less is More: Semantic Awareness in Web Screen Reading”
 15 mins “User Awareness in Expressing Emotional Intensity using Touchscreen Gestures”
 15 mins “Towards Cognitive Awareness: A Mobile Context Modeling- and Notification-based Approach”
 15 mins “The Presentation of Synthesized Artifacts in Example-driven Interfaces”
 15 mins “Getting Aware of the Potential Success of the Classifier through Visualizations”
 12:00-13:30  LUNCH
 13:30-14:15  Invited talk by John O’Donovan, “User Aware Interaction Design for Recommender Systems”
 14:15-14:30  Q&A
 14:30-15:00  Presentations Group#3: 30 mins
 15 mins “On User Awareness in Model-based Collaborative Filtering Systems”
 15 mins “Should Context-aware IDE Command Recommendations Always Be Presented In-context or Not”
15:00-15:30  BREAK
15:30-15:45  Creation of high-level themes for brainstorming
15:45-17:00  Brainstorming Activity
17:00-17:30  Closing Discussion